McKinnell's Dachshunds
1720 Dawes Rd.
Mobile, AL 36695
Cell 251-604-2072
Hi, and welcome to McKinnell's Dachshunds,
formerly known as Carlene's Little Angels. The name has changed
but I have not changed my policy of breeding high quality AKC
registered miniature Dachshunds. I breed and show all three coats (Smooth, Long and Wire) with all of the traditional colors, and many patterns to offer variety.
If you live in the Mobile, Alabama area and are interested in joining our Show Training Class send me an email for more information. We meet once a week ON Thursday and have a variety of breeds that participate in the class enjoying good training and practice as well as companionship with other canines and their owners. This informal class gives our "stars" a place to go to socialize and improve their skills, while we owners benefit with brushing up on our techniques to help be more competitive in the show ring. I believe the dogs are more interested in the treats they receive than the training!  I want to thank you for visting my web site and I hope that you will enjoy your visit.  Come see us anytime!  God Bless!
If anyone is interested in joining an ALL Breed Dog Club which is: Mobile Kennel Club, then e mail me for more information on when the meetings will be for you to come and see for yourself.

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NMDC (National Miniature Dachshund Club)
MKC (Mobile Kennel Club)
(Board Member)
(ACTCOA) Azalea City Toy Club of AL. "Breeder of Merit" I have know finished 5 Titles on my dogs.
"Hunter", Son "Tucker", and other Son "Pappy". All are Champions, and they are on their way to being Grand Champions. My "Hunter" has gone to that beautiful rainbow in the sky, and their has never been a more loving boy than my "Hunter" was to all people, and dogs then he was. I lost him to brain cancer, I thought I would go nuts after he passed but I almost did just that. He also loved kids, and he loved him some kisses. This is in memory of my sweet and loving "Hunter", mom will always love you and I know I will see you again one day. His sons will go on to produce CH for their dad, because he was the best of the best.
Owner of Fast and Clean Company: Call for your quotes for your business, residential, or new construction that need that proper attention. I also give quotes on maintaining, after my first clean has been done. Fast and Clean Company is: Insured, Licensed, Bonded, and has 20 years of experience.
With my "XANGO" Juice all things are possible to do, and for me being healthy is taking my Xango Juice everyday. Want to feel good call me and I can get you to feeling good.
Xango is the Winner for my Dachshunds
My Heart will always be you my sweet boy, their are people that never understood our love as a dog and owner, but we did my friend.
We now announce "GrandCH Tucker Boy MS" for his big win in Brannon MS to be titled Grand CH, and now we are on to bigger wins for my man "Tucker". His dad "Hunter" is looking from heaven with so much pride for his son.
His son "CH McKinnell Pappy Boy MS" will be our next Grand CH to finish, and I know he will.
Puppies are here as of November 30th of 2013, will be ready for their homes on the 25th of January of 2014.
This si "Spirit" now a new Champion, and  6 single points away from be Grand CH, She is also now a UKC CH, I will be specialing her to be whatever she would like to be.  She is an awesome Toy Fox Terrier from Bonnie Hale, and I have had so much fun with her. No I'm still showing my dachshunds, but this little girl stole my heart real qucik.